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Inefficiency of current Data Science recruitment processes

From the perspective of candidates seeking Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI jobs, the biggest problem with standard recruitment processes is the low response rate to their applications. Candidates (especially experienced) are dismayed by this inefficiency and often turn to higher-probability offers, usually from people they know or headhunters.

However, relying solely on these opportunities is sub-optimal for maximizing career lifetime value, as they represent only a small fraction of the total job offers available.

Data Science Job Hunter for the rescue

To address this issue, we are building a personal Job Hunter for Data Scientists that delivers relevant data science, machine learning, and AI job offers to your mailbox as they are posted. The Job Hunter filters job opportunities to your specific criteria and crawls the entire internet to prepare personalized recommendations.

Using our Job Hunter, Data Scientists have the advantage of focusing on relevant job openings that match their search criteria. This allows them to effortlessly submit 2-3 relevant applications per month, increasing their chances of finding their next big job. Additionally, our Job Hunter enables candidates to be among the first to submit their applications, which increases their response rate and improves pass-through rates during interviews.

We believe that the best time to look for a new job is when you already have a very good job, and having more options is always beneficial.

Lifelong Searching

"Lifelong learning" is a frequently given piece of advice to data scientists who are seeking to increase their salary over the course of their careers. This advice is particularly applicable within the field of Data Science, which is continuously evolving and still regarded as a relatively nascent domain. We wholeheartedly agree with the idea of lifelong learning, but we also recognize that learning alone is not enough. To benefit from lifelong learning, you need "Lifelong Searching", and the role of automated agents like our Data Science Job Hunter is to make job searching as efficient as possible.

While the above issue exists in many job markets, our mission as data scientists and Kagglers is to first fix the Data Science job market. However, if you have other specific needs, such as only wanting to receive "remote biology research scientist" offers, please contact us, and we will do our best to help.

To demonstrate the capabilities of our job hunter, we have opened the database of data science jobs for free browsing. However, this manual browsing does not benefit from all custom filters and automated search - it is a free option for those who like to spend their time browsing and searching. If you'd like to have your personal data science headhunter picking jobs for you, please subscribe.